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caliper ​painting​

caliper painting​

Nothing compliments better with a nice set of wheels, then a sleek looking set of custom painted Brake Calipers. Painting your brake calipers has functional benefits as well as cosmetically upgrading your vehicles style. At Kars Kustoms, we use high temperature specific primer, paint, and top coat for long lasting, non-bubbling results

Key Benefits of Brake Caliper Painting

Protection from Future Corrosion

Most vehicles come with cast metal brake calipers that are untreated and unpainted from the factory which tend to rust quickly. Brake Caliper Paint coat provides protection from surface corrosion, road dirt & brake dust.

Easier to Clean Brake Dust

Brake Caliper painting improves the condition of the braking components by resisting brake dust which is created by harsh braking conditions. With less dust accumulating on the Calipers, cleaning becomes much easier.


Step 1

The vehicle is lifted on a hoist and then the wheels are removed.

Step 2

To avoid any brake issues, we do NOT remove the brake calipers from the vehicle. Brake Calipers
are sanded down in a two stage process to achieve an even and smooth surface.

Step 3

Next step is to cover the entire vehicle in a 3M Overspray Plastic Covering and all areas surrounding the Brake Calipers are then masked.

Step 4

Now the Brake Calipers are painted with your chosen color.

Step 5

As an added personal touch, we apply a logo to the Calipers.

Step 6

To finalize the Calipers, an appropriate clear coat is applied.

Step 7

Finally, we refit the wheels and torque the wheel lug nuts to OEM specifications.


Brake calipers painting

1 Day
Most basic colours with logo and high gloss clear top coat . Special paint match colours will be $100 extra .




$ 450-$550 +Taxes


calipers ceramic coating / Ceramic clear top coat 

1 day
ceramic coating as a top coat on factory painted calipers or freshly painted calipers with us. 
or full 2 coats Ceramic pro W/C sprayed on as clear top coat on calipers.


$ 200-$300+taxes